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Our Project

The purpose of this project is to document and insofar as we are able, shed light on the current political climate in Thailand. We also hope to provide context for various socio-political phenomenon with entries put out regularly for the duration of our stay.

Thank you for visiting Political Bangkok. It is our sincere hope that this project assists in broadening the perspectives of all who visit.

Enrique Chaljub


Bachelor of Arts | Florida International University                   May 2018

Majors: Political Science; International Relations                                 

Minor: Religious Studies

Student Exchange: The Institut d'études politiques d'Aix-en-Provence

Other: Middle East and Near Asia Certificate


I was born in Cartagena, Colombia. My family migrated to the U.S. when I was nine years old. I've previously worked in construction and a mechanic shop, but aspire to much more. My hobbies include soccer, photography, astronomy, and anthropology.

Written Works:

Divergent Movements

Present and Future of Buddhism in Thailand

Thai Court Contextualized

Politics in the Land of Smiles

Election Aftermath

A Brief History of Thai Politics

  • LinkedIn - White Circle

Writing, Research, Photography

Joseph Roskop

Writing, Research, Video Editing/Sound Design


Mesa, Arizona  | USA


Bachelor of Arts | Arizona State University

Major: Global Studies

Certifications: Public Policy & Public Administration

Foreign Study: The Institut d'études Politiques d'Aix-en-Provence



Site Supervisor

America Reads - Arizona State University

Project Lead

The Welcome to America Project

English Teacher | Interkids Bilingual School

Nimitmai Campus - Bangkok, Thailand



          "Who drives your bus?", is easily one of the most inane rhetorical questions ever presented to me. But the piece of advice given by my father was also characteristically deliberate. Considering the socio-economic class I was born into it was always crucial for my parents to know that my siblings and I understood the value of self-determination. Experience has taught me that in order to better my life and the lives of those in positions like mine, a firm appreciation of the hurdles faced by marginalized groups is necessary. I've subsequently spent my academic and professional career educating, or advocating for the disenfranchised.

          The question my father asked me continues to drive me now, along with the understanding that-- while some are taught determination, and some are born with opportunity, few in the world are fortunate enough to be born in close proximity to both. I have done my best to work in fields that elevate those without the means to elevate themselves. I'm proud to say this is a legacy realized in both of my siblings as well. In the mean time, I do my best to realize the Ephebic oath of Greece; doing my upmost to leave my home greater than it was when entrusted to me.

Special Thanks to:

Sunhanut Jenjesda for his role as project liaison, translator, and navigator in this undertaking. This venture would not have been possible without his help.

To our editors Juan Medina and Ernesto Muñis for their help refining our essays and for great general advise.

Diana Fernandez for logo design and web design consultation

Our friends and family for their love and support.

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